Pharmaceutical philanthropy

Eric Hill, vice president and co-founder, BioRx LLC

Both Philip Rielly and Eric Hill look to find any way they can to contribute to the worthy causes that support the patient communities the company serves. Rielly, president and co-founder, and Hill, vice president and co-founder of BioRx LLC, understand their mission as a health care provider is to give back whenever and wherever possible.

BioRx is a provider of pharmacy and infusion services for patients with rare chronic diseases. The company has provided more than 50 organizations with monetary donations or volunteer service over the past two years. A majority of the organizations BioRx looks to help are in support of hemophilia, one of the company’s most significant diseases it provides services for.

The company’s commitment to helping its patient communities has resulted in nearly $300,000 in annual contributions. BioRx employees not only donate their own money to these causes but also their personal time and effort.

Hill and several other employees volunteered their time for Save One Life, a nonprofit international organization that offers individuals, families and companies the opportunity to sponsor a child or adult with a bleeding disorder in a developing country. Their efforts included a climb to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa, last summer that helped raise more than $60,000 for the Jose Memorial Foundation of Kenya.

Philip Rielly, president and co-founder, BioRx LLC

Hemophilia medication is hard to come by in developing countries and affected patients are often crippled or see their lives cut short by this debilitating disease. The team traveled extensively across Nairobi, Kenya, to visit patients with hemophilia and is continuing an effort to get medical supplies for hospitals in developing areas.

Through the role of its on-staff educators, nurses and consumer advocates, BioRx contributes countless hours of unpaid clinical training, educational material, workshops and presentations to members of the patient communities it serves. This includes basic disease education, school preparedness, emergency preparedness, and child and adult workshops.

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