Plan for success

Planning meetings and events in lean economic times calls for a touch of ingenuity. Today, event planners must make the most of each event, accomplishing numerous goals for the biggest return.

Before you begin planning your event, take these steps.

  • Think of your event as an investment that will contribute to the future success of your organization.
  • Decide on your goals and invest dollars in areas that will bring measurable value to the organization.
  • Focus on creating memorable and meaningful experiences for the attendee.
  • Focus on the opportunities to foster creativity and innovation.

  • Choose an environment that accomplishes your objectives and brings an element of fun and creativity to your event.

Providing your participants with a multifaceted yet clearly defined event supports organizational goals and turns ideas and information into profitable results. Begin by filling all necessary event needs and objectives, then find new ways to add to that.

Search out creative community resources that provide more than just the right sized room or other typical event needs. Find unusual venues that can support your organization’s needs in addition to adding valuable energy and inspiration.

Utilize a unique event venue to maximize the impact of your event. Flexible and dynamic venues may even allow you to combine two events into one.

Re-evaluate the way you plan your events and look for new ways to add value to them. The days of lean budgets demand this.

But with out-of-the-box thinking, the diverse event market can surpass your needs and energize your team. Source: COSI, (614) 629-3227