Precision Polymer Casting helps its customers be more efficient

Terry Capuano, president, Precision Polymer Casting LLC

Precision Polymer Casting LLC works hard to produce machine base castings that help their customers improve efficiency on the shop floor. But the products that come out of this growing company, which does business as Castinite, do a lot more than that.

The castings are produced at room temperature, which allows hydraulic lines, electrical wiring and pneumatic lines to be cast internally. This eliminates the need to run wires, hoses and lines that surround the base or have to be attached to it.

Assembly becomes a simple connection of supply lines, which in addition to saving hours of assembly produces a much better appearance.

That attractive appearance is also a result of the materials used to manufacture the machine base castings. The company uses synthetic quartz technology and castings can be produced to finished tolerances, eliminating the need to ship machine castings around for secondary processing.

The technology replaces cast iron and steel-welded machine bases and consumes 85 percent less energy to produce a similar cast iron base. No painting is required as the product will never rust or corrode under normal circumstances. If a little color is desired, it can be cast in color. The company uses the highest quality mineral aggregates found in the industry.

Another feature that helps the product is the vibration dampening, which substantially improves performance and the life of the machines. The end result is a product that helps customers be more competitive in their respective markets.

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