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Frederic Holzberger, founder, Aveda Fredric’s Institute

Aveda Fredric’s Institute founder, Frederic Holzberger, doesn’t believe that giving back to the community is optional. Instead, his philosophy is that serving others is “the cornerstone for being the best that you can be.” This belief that by nourishing others that you also nourish yourself is a core part of the service-driven culture Holzberger has instituted at AFI.

Students and staff of AFI, which is both a cosmetology school and Aveda retail location, give back by participating in company activities such as blood drives, volunteer days, community cleanup outings and other efforts to improve the lives of others. Under Holzberger’s leadership, students attending AFI learn how to take their talents for elevating beauty and share them in ways that impact the community in positive ways. While enrolled, they have the opportunity to participate with organizations such as Dress for Success, Franciscan Haircuts from the Heart, a Big Brother’s Big Sisters Benefit Fashion show and Project Daymaker, a program that provides haircuts for the less fortunate with a mobile salon on wheels.

When AFI employees aren’t beautifying customers, they spend time beautifying the environment through volunteerism and fundraising. The company participates in Aveda Earth Month every April to raise money for the clean water initiatives of the Ohio River Foundation and Sierra Club. In 2011, one such fundraiser consisted of providing AFI salon services on Sunday, when the business is normally closed, and donating the service dollars to Sierra Club.

Since 2002, AFI employees have also participated actively in Cincinnati’s Habitat for Humanity Habitat building projects. The AFI team has taken the lead on the organization’s sustainable homes initiative. Instead of building homes from scratch, employee volunteers work on remodeling homes with green building practices to prevent tons of building waste from being placed in landfills.

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