Programmed for success

Robert Beatty didn’t wait until he
grew up to become an entrepreneur: At age 10, he was programming software, and by 16, he had joined
a major manufacturing company.

After graduating college, he worked in
a number of jobs in quality control and
information technology, and saw the
ineffectiveness of
information systems as well as the
inefficiencies created by a mediocre IT

To resolve those
issues, Beatty created Plexus, an information system designed to resolve
issues the company was having and handle similar problems in the future. The
program was a success, and he turned it
into a company called Plexus Systems

At first, the company was much like
any other manufacturing information
system, but in 2000, Beatty took the
company in a new direction. He felt that
traditional information systems would
eventually fall by the wayside, and a
more customer-oriented, interactive system could provide better benefits to the
customer, leading to the creation of
Plexus Online.

Plexus Online is an interactive, Web-based information system that provides
real-time, on-demand interactive information systems that can be customized
to the client’s needs.

With the system, a user no longer has
to be connected to the server or have the
right version of the software to access
the information system; the only thing
needed is a connection to the Internet.

Beatty’s goal is that one day, Plexus
Online will be the best manufacturing
information system on the planet.

HOW TO REACH: Plexus Systems Inc., (248) 391-8000 or