Protecting what’s valuable

Brent Brown, founder, chairman, president and CEO, Chelsey Brown International Inc.

Chesley Brown International Inc. refuses to be another “polyester guard company” when it comes to the reputation it holds with communities and the customers it serves. That’s why in addition to supplying high-caliber security for clients and their multimillion assets, the security management company gives every employee the added role of ambassador of superior customer service.

Led by Brent Brown, who is the company’s founder, chairman, president and CEO, Chesley Brown’s culture of customer service excellence begins with training, so employees come to think of customer service as not just part of the job but the priority.

From the first lesson plan, the mission of providing customer-focused security management programs is a theme throughout the company’s training. Employees are trained not just in security protocol but with skills such as how to communicate with positive language, act professionally in difficult situations and handle mistakes. Completing training also requires employees to do a series of situational exercises in which actors portray hostile or verbally disruptive individuals who treat them with disrespect, so employees become adept at remaining calm and acting professionally in whatever circumstances they face.

To recognize and award success in its service culture, Brown conducts a monthly companywide conference call to acknowledge all security teams that have gone above and beyond for customers. Employees are also given ribbons for their uniforms in recognition for their accomplishments. To keep employees striving to achieve, Chesley Brown also places great value on employee recognition with its awards and recognition program.

Every new hire at Chesley Brown is instilled with the company’s service philosophy starting on day one. Yet instead of emphasizing to employees that they are security professionals who deliver premium customer service, the company’s approach is to show them they are actually customer service professionals who specialize in security. Chesley Brown’s dedication to its service culture has continued to earn it business with new and existing clients.

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