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Mike Ode, president,

Mike Ode had already been in the construction industry for 20 years when he recognized a niche that still wasn’t being served anywhere in the market. The issue was a lack of any specialized, effective payroll service for the construction industry, one that could help the countless contractors who struggled to process the complexities of construction payroll. The solution to the problem became

As chairman and CEO of Foundation Software Inc. at the time, Fred Ode, along with the company’s president, Mike Ode, decided to adapt the company’s award-winning Foundation for Windows payroll module to power an online payroll service specifically serving the construction industry. With payroll components in construction such as multiple states, localities, jobs and pay rates, Ode knew the demand for an industry-specific payroll service was there. But they also wanted to cover their bases. The two set in place a three-year plan to test the viability of the service with existing Foundation clients, research any issues and get the processes in place for growth.

By 2008, the company’s revenues were growing quickly. Having seen such promising success in the first three years, Mike Ode — the company’s president — officially opened to the market with an aggressive marketing campaign. The construction industry was highly receptive. This year, the business is on pace to see 100 percent growth both in clients and in revenue.

But the results have not just been limited to the company’s sales and customer base. While has seen impressive success since its inception, the company continues to undergo improvements and innovation to maintain the aggressive growth it has achieved to date. Since 2008, the construction payroll service company has grown from four employees to 12. With continuous improvement in mind, it is building its team of skilled professionals to deliver payroll services even more effectively for the construction industry as it evolves.

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