Putting time back into your day

We can all relate to the words of Benjamin Franklin: “Lost time is never found again.” Each day seems to speed by, leaving us with the frustrating inability to accomplish our daily goals. Unforeseen issues crop up that demand attention, derailing our focus and making it impossible to stay on task.

For most companies, concentrating on production and generating sales is all-encompassing, leaving little time in the business day for other activities. Rather than get bogged down in time-consuming details and tasks outside their area of expertise, smart businesses outsource services such as marketing, information technology and transportation.

For manufacturing companies and distributors, third-party logistics providers (3PLs) can be a godsend. 3PLs provide transportation, warehousing and order fulfillment services that are highly detailed and time-consuming tasks that are vital to a successful business. Logistics providers that leverage technology, best-in-class strategy and a hands-on approach allow companies to put time back in their day and focus on their core competencies to drive growth.

A shipper can utilize a 3PL to manage all aspects of the transportation process, or they can partner in very specific areas where the shipper sees value. Many companies prefer to leverage a 3PL to help manage day-to-day transportation activities because they often can do them better, faster and more economically than the company itself based on various factors.

Logistics providers help shippers save time through their vast industry expertise, cutting-edge technology and a variety of services. By partnering with a trusted lead logistics provider, shippers are often able to reduce total transportation-related costs through carrier negotiations and optimization. 3PLs are also able to identify continuous improvement opportunities for shippers that will drive internal efficiency and enhance their customer experience.

By partnering with a lead logistics provider, a company gains access to cutting-edge technology that allows it to have shipment information at its fingertips. A transportation management system (TMS) will help a company be more efficient in obtaining quotes, producing shipping documents, dispatching carriers and tracking shipments, all on one single platform. A TMS provides enhanced visibility across the company, as well as with its vendors and customers.

Often in transportation, there are surprises along the way. Situations do not always go according to plan. It is vital to partner with a subject matter expert that not only has leading-edge technology to enhance visibility but also has the human touch needed to intervene and proactively maintain a positive customer experience. World-class responsiveness and communication can be the difference between a positive and negative customer experience.

Because our best-laid plans fly out the window when disruptions occur, we feel as if we’re playing catch-up. That often happens in the world of transportation and logistics because things don’t always go as planned. Partnering with a leading logistics provider that has a qualified team of experts allows companies to focus on their core business while utilizing leading-edge technology and strategies to gain more efficiency and productivity within the business.

Are you looking to put more time back into your day?

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