Quality care

Frankin & Seidelmann Subspecialty
Radiology product is its service, so it
focuses on providing the best possible service.

Scott Seidelmann, president and COO of
the Beachwood company, says his business
provides clinically specific subspecialty teleradiology reports and must provide quality
on a consistent basis. If it doesn’t measure up,
it affects not only its
clients, which are imaging
centers, physician groups
and hospitals, but the
clients of those entities —
the referring physicians —
and ultimately, their
clients — the patients.

Due to the nature of the industry, F&S can’t
give gifts or comp products when a service
defect arises. Instead, it empowers its
employees to make it right for the client by
offering the next best solution at no extra

Because every department deals directly
with clients, the entire organization has to be
customer-service-driven. The management
team says world-class customer service
comes naturally when a company is built
around the idea of service, using it as the
backbone of the infrastructure and not as
side product that gets developed as an afterthought once the money starts coming in.

F&S uses multiple software systems to provide exceptional customer service. Its teleradiology platform and operational infrastructure automates the complex process of distributing and routing information, large
image files and reports between clients and
radiologists all over the country. Its VoIP
phone system allows clients quick access to
client support representatives.

Its Customer Relationship Management
system allows the company to set up home
pages for clients; each page contains all the
relevant information about the client and
every contact at the company. As a result,
F&S employees have become more effective,
more efficient and more knowledgeable
about the clients they serve.

HOW TO REACH: Franklin & Seidelmann Subspecialty
Radiology, (216) 255-5700 or www.fs-rad.com