Quality Electrodynamics is improving its operations to better compete in a global market

Hiroyuki Fujita, President and CEO, Quality Electrodynamics

Quality Electrodynamics has a passion to produce high-quality products at the lowest possible cost. The global developer, manufacturer and supplier of advanced medical equipment electronics achieves that passion through the use of lean (flow) manufacturing techniques, which the company calls its “ideal state” goal.

With the guidance of president and CEO, Hiroyuki Fujita, Quality Electrodynamics has established ways to create a path toward the company’s “ideal state” goal. The company has made it mandatory that every process in operations must flow continuously from start to finish, new obstacles will be resolved one-by-one, workflow will be harmonized and simplified, and the culture will be one of continuous improvement, all while developing a flexible, highly skilled workforce.

Recently, QED implemented the use of visual signals in key areas to replace traditional production push processes. The company has also designed and implemented several single-piece flow lines to ensure it meets customer demand for products. In addition, it also introduced the concept of visual management and 5S throughout its production area. These changes are only the start of the company’s long-term journey toward its “ideal state.”

While QED is very early in its journey, the company has already realized improvements in productivity and eliminated significant waste through the implementation of flow techniques in key production areas. Becoming operationally more productive as its business continues to grow will help ensure that it is in a better position to compete in a global market.

How to reach: Quality Electrodynamics, (440) 638-5106 or www.qualedyn.com