R. Charles Murray, founder and CEO, PPi Technologies Group

R. Charles Murray, founder and CEO, PPi Technologies Group


Even though R. Charles Murray describes himself as an “accidental entrepreneur,” there’s nothing accidental about the success he’s achieved with PPi Technologies Group. Inspired by his knowledge of plastics from experience in the industry, Murray founded PPi to capitalize on the undervalued use of plastic as a packaging material. He felt that American companies, which tended to use products made from aluminum, glass and paper, didn’t fully recognize the benefits of plastic. With PPi, he set out to change this mentality.

Starting out as a business that produced plastic pouch machinery, PPi has transformed significantly over the years. By developing an original pouch product for use in the liquor industry, ShotPak, Murray was able to introduce a profitable new segment for growth: beverages.

With the success of the ShotPak line of mixed drinks, sold in the company’s trademark serving pouches, the company has gone on to also develop lines of pouches for wine and beers. Murray is now expanding the company’s Redi-2-DrinQ segment to include water pouches. As a result, this is one of the company’s chief areas for future growth.

PPi’s innovative pouch products are a key differentiator for the business, especially because plastic pouches become a cheaper packaging option than traditional containers. Murray now spends significant time and resources to protect the unique packaging option for future use. He has secured more than 30 patents for the company’s pouch and machinery designs.

Seeing the growing focus on green technologies, he has also invested in sustainable business practices, using recyclable materials to reduce the carbon footprint of PPi pouches. By making this investment, the company has built a reputation as an environmentally responsible beverage products maker for customers.

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