Raising the bar

Todd Leebow, managing partner, Majestic Steel USA Inc.

It has always been the goal of Majestic Steel USA Inc. and Todd Leebow, managing partner, to position the galvanized steel distributor to continuously drive innovation and streamline operations in the manufacturing sector.

Driving continuous improvements in operational efficiency and quality, adopting new sustainability initiatives and integrating emerging communications and data technology have evolved Majestic Steel’s business operations and raised the bar for innovation in both the steel and manufacturing industries.

Operational efficiency can be seen in the company’s processing lines. In collaboration with equipment manufacturers, Majestic’s service center implemented a customized upgrade of a new stacker/exit system on the cut-to-length (CTL) processing line in 2010. The upgrade significantly improved efficiency, accuracy and consistency of cut-to-length products and has contributed to product quality performance and reduction in claims and product returns.

The company also takes sustainability initiatives seriously and views environmental responsibility as both an ethical obligation and a logical cost-reduction measure that enhances efficiencies. Over the years Majestic has invested in the assimilation of such practices into the business including 100 percent recyclable packaging and low-energy ways to control the temperature of its service center. The cost savings are reinvested in other areas of the business.

Majestic doesn’t stop there. The company also looks to improve communication and technology throughout the business with innovation that is backed by associate-level support and often inspired by them. The company’s IT department’s philosophy focuses on developing centralized, dynamic, and flexible systems that support company growth.

Majestic’s continuous enhancements to processing, quality assurance, energy efficiency and technology converge to improve operational and sales success. While manufacturing is an industry steeped in tradition, Majestic sees a great opportunity to transform the way people communicate, share information, make decisions and run their businesses. Whether it’s developing faster processes, making workflows more efficient, or leading the way in social media, the main purpose is to help the business and its customers operate successfully while evolving the manufacturing sector.

HOW TO REACH: Majestic Steel USA Inc., (800) 321-5590 or www.majesticsteel.com