Reaching full stride

Eric Lofquist, co-owner, president and CEO, Magnus International Group Inc.

Eric Lofquist, Scott Forster and the rest of the employees at Magnus International Group Inc. are no strangers to innovation and evolving the manufacturing field. Lofquist, co-owner, president and CEO, and Forster, co-owner, vice president and COO have led the sustainable global products manufacturer to two previous Smart Business Evolution of Manufacturing awards and an Innovation award over the years.

Founded in 2007, Magnus International is uniquely engaged in

Scott Forster, co-owner, vice president and COO, Magnus International Group Inc.

businesses that transform vegetable oils, oil and water emulsions, and renewable energies into all-natural, sustainable global products. The company has developed groundbreaking systems for salvaging materials that otherwise get cast aside. The company’s nonpetroleum feedstock is used to manufacture one-of-a-kind green products such as animal feeds, industrial and consumer waxes, renewable liquid fuels and freeze conditioning agents. Magnus’ energy- and cost-saving initiatives are setting new standards for environmental sustainability.

Annual sales for the company are soaring 20 percent higher than projected and more than 60 percent over last year’s $28 million in sales. Magnus even hired 10 new employees to it’s already 61 during the past three months. The increased activity is due to Magnus’ Hardy Animal Nutrition (HAN), which processes vegetable-derived products used in specially formulated feed for the dairy, cattle, poultry, swine and equine industries. HAN undertook a massive four-year, $3 million effort to become a full-service, in-house producer and distributor of custom-made, all-natural animal feed.

Due to these advancements, HAN no longer needs to have another company prill, bag and transport the feed to its final destination. HAN is able to do it all and do it from a single site, which saves costly and time-consuming steps in the production process. These changes have helped transform Magnus into the U.S.’s first fully self-contained all-natural custom animal feed producer, quality controller and distributor. Magnus’ commitment to corporate, social, and environmental responsibility has helped give the company its best year yet and keeps it looking to do more in the near future.

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