Ready to grow

Elizabeth Barry, Delta Systems Inc.

Elizabeth Barry, Delta Systems Inc.

Delta Systems Inc. has always been poised to adapt to whatever changes might occur in the electronic manufacturing sector. So as Northeast Ohio prepares for the arrival of the medical mart plaza in downtown Cleveland and the growth it is expected to create for the medical industry, Elizabeth Barry, Delta’s president and CEO, will no doubt have her company ready to capitalize on whatever opportunities arise.

Delta was awarded a contract last May to manufacture a new surgical device. The company that gave Delta the project cited both its manufacturing and design capabilities in making its choice.

It’s the effort to always strive for excellence that fuels the growth at Delta and helps the company secure its jobs.

Recent company initiatives have included rapid expansion in the electronics manufacturing services industry and a focus on global distribution.

Employees are ready to pursue such new challenges because the culture is one where quality is always the goal. Training is regularly available and emphasized to help employees consistently gain new skills and remain in touch with the latest industry standards in their field.

This tenacity has helped Delta become known worldwide for the rugged reliability of its products, a result of a rigorous process designed to find any errors before they can become a problem for the customer.

A two-step process helps ensure that new products meet customer expectations. This process includes a product design verification test and process validation. Delta has a fully integrated test center that includes validation for vibration, electrical load, automated product cycling and material testing. Tests are also conducted to check for the effect of temperature, humidity, salt, fog and dust to make sure nothing is left to chance.

The company continues to pursue growth both by expanding its core product lines into global markets and by leveraging its Ohio-based world-class manufacturing capability to grow its presence in the electronics manufacturing services industry.

It’s this type of effort and focus on growth that helps companies stay competitive and eliminates the need to move product off-shore for cost-effective production. Instead, international markets become buyers for product made right here in Ohio.

Delta recently initiated a new business relationship to pursue an expanded focus in Europe for its Ohio-made core lawn and garden switch and electronic garden controls and displays.

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