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Gregory J. Skoda, chairman, Skoda Minotti

It didn’t look good for The Equity Engineering Group Inc. The company was working with a vendor to install Microsoft Dynamics GP on its server, but the installation was not going smoothly.

Unsure of what to do about the problem, the company turned to Skoda Minotti. The accounting firm determined that Equity Engineering Group needed to create a test environment to safely make alterations to the application without any risk of damaging the production environment.

Skoda Minotti jumped on the challenge and soon decided that if Equity Engineering Group contacted Microsoft, it might be able to reach a quick solution to its troubles. The company did just that and a solution was indeed identified, eliminating a major headache.

This ability to track down solutions and ease customer stress is a hallmark of the philosophy of service that exists at Skoda Minotti under the leadership of Gregory J. Skoda, the firm’s chairman. What makes it special is that the firm does not limit itself to dealing with accounting problems.

Skoda preaches a commitment that goes beyond the task at hand and helps to develop lasting relationships that benefit both parties.

While the firm’s core business is accounting, requests are also made for advice and counsel on business recommendations and personal matters and other areas that fall outside of that core. It’s part of being a company that people can count on and one that rarely, if ever, utters the words, ‘We can’t help you in that area.’

By emphasizing this approach to customer service through all aspects of the business, Skoda Minotti’s culture is one where solutions are always being sought. It empowers employees to want to help their clients and to make sure they do their part to protect the reputation and the tradition of Skoda Minotti.

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