Reed Mahany, President, RECO Equipment Inc.

Reed Mahany, President, RECO Equipment Inc.


When Reed Mahany’s boss told him that he was a natural salesperson, it was a trait that he didn’t necessarily see in himself. On his first day in sales at RECO Equipment Inc., sitting on a stack of phone books — there weren’t enough desks — he may have wondered if he was cut out for a sales career. But within four years, he was the top salesperson in the company.

As the president of RECO Equipment today, Mahany leads the company with a simple philosophy: Focus on what you are good at. Since he became a part of RECO, he has led numerous initiatives to grow the business by focusing on its strengths as a provider of heavy machine equipment.

When he joined RECO, the business was focused on heavy equipment for the coalfields of Ohio. But after working with numerous customers, he realized that there was no company or sales organization currently serving the growing market for metal recycling equipment. Mahany determined that he would be the first to explore the opportunity.

By investing and promoting the strengths of his company and its employees, Mahany has led RECO to transform its business and engage a new group of customers in the machine recycling world. The company is now competitively positioned to cater to a unique and growing niche.

As Mahany explores new markets for RECO, he continues to look for opportunities that complement the current business and align with customer needs. For example, when other suppliers rushed to pick up the Marcellus Shale business, he didn’t just follow suit. Instead he used this time to pick up RECO’s competitors’ portion of the recycling industry business and further grow the company’s inventory.

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