Reflections on leadership

Executive traits that drive organizational success

I expect that most CEOs spend time, like I do, reflecting on what they can do to become better leaders and help their organizations achieve the level of success that everyone desires.

With that in mind, what are the most important characteristics of a good leader? Many would agree that making the right moves and recognizing talent are abilities that good leaders share.

Dealers of hope

I was reminded of that recently when Cleveland Browns General Manager John Dorsey made a series of bold moves that have long-suffering Browns fans excited about the future. He made roster moves that cleared the way for talented young players like Nick Chubb to show what they could do. Then, he replaced two coaches with two who were already with the team. But in their new positions — with the same players and same playbook — they achieved a much different result because the players believed in and played for them, and reached their potential by engaging in the team’s success. That’s leadership.

Great leaders also are dealers of hope, and Dorsey has us all hopeful that the recent success will last.

Develop the bench

Recognizing talented people and putting them in a position to succeed is an important part of any CEO’s job. It’s making sure you not only have the right people on the team bus, but also making sure they are in the right seats.

At Welty, our leadership team looks for opportunities to discover talented people and help them grow both personally and professionally. We make sure employees understand the core values we adhere to — openness, passion, teamwork, integrity and customer centricity. Our goal is to identify and develop the best members of our team and put them in the right place to help us provide our customers with an extraordinary building experience.

Responsibility for defeat

Finally, real leaders share the credit, but take the blame. Sometimes brash but wise beyond his years, quarterback Baker Mayfield is quick to give his teammates credit for victories and quick to take responsibility for defeats. Is it any surprise that his teammates look to him as their undisputed leader? No question. The very best leaders consistently give credit to others.

So, when things go right at Welty, I look outside my office for people to thank. And when things go wrong, I look in the mirror and reflect on the part of the problem I own.

Don Taylor is president and CEO Welty Building Co. Ltd., a professional construction management services, specializing in Lean Construction, for clients in a variety of health care, commercial, education, energy, mission-critical and hospitality markets nationwide.