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Despite promising marketing research, most new products and services fail. Like a preflight instrument check done by a cockpit crew, planned innovation is a disciplined and practical step-by-step sequence of procedures for reaching the intended destination point—successful products—every time. Other topics covered include how to cultivate a lasting market orientation, how to choose selection criteria that reflect strategic objectives and tactical goals, and how to assess the positive and negative influences of external trends on business opportunities.

Web Developer’s Guide to Multicasting

Coriolis Group Books
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To be a player in the next generation of Internet multimedia publishing, you need to know the latest standards for delivering video and audio on the Web. This book shows how to start multicasting, using software like Precept’s IP/TV, Starlight Networks’ StarCast, Microsoft’s NetShow, and Apple’s QuickTime Conferencing. Learn how to create multicast video and audio clips using off-the-rack software editing tools.

Finding and Fixing Your Year 2000 Problem

AP Professional
Venice, Calif.
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This book gives you a step-by-step guide to everything you need to do to prepare for the computer problems associated with the 21st century. Learn how to analyze your problems, how to set up a year 2000 project to manage the problem, how to track down problems in software ranging from spreadsheets and word processors to C and Cobol programs, how to choose your solutions, and how to test that they work. Whether you are an owner, manager or technology specialist, whether you run a network of computers or use a personal computer on your desktop, this book provides the tips needed to fix them.

Unleashing the Killer App

Harvard Business School Press
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When digital technologies, products, and services converge in radical, creative new ways, a killer app can emerge—transforming industries, redefining markets and annhilating competition. Tempted by the promise of such profound power, companies ranging from the largest multinationals to individual entrepreneurs are remaking themselves into organizations that nurture, rather than merely respond to, killer apps. Managers must abandon many of their most cherished planning and control processes. Control and consistency are replaced with chaos and creativity, and old strategies are replaced by digital strategies.

FrontPage 98: The Complete Reference

Berkeley, Calif.
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This is a comprehensive tutorial, reference and CD-ROM toolkit for the latest version of Microsoft’s popular Web-publishing tool. This resource takes users through planning, creating, testing, deploying and maintaining both Internet and intranet Websites using FrontPage. This book guides users through everything from basic page layout to building interactive Websites complete with databases, forms, graphics and special effects. The book includes a CD-ROM containing products, applications, scripts and utilities.