How to retain millennials = passion + purpose in the workplace

Attracting millennials can be challenging and retaining those employees can be even more difficult, with 71 percent of millennials saying they’re in the market for a new job, according to a recent iCIMS study. How can companies attract and retain the best millennial talent in order to grow their businesses?

Creating opportunities for employees to connect their passion to their workplace via a corporate responsibility (CSR) program can help. A recent study published by Deliotte, says that 6 in 10 millennials site “sense of purpose” as part of the recent they chose their current employer.

Needless to say, it’s crucial to be well versed with the ins and outs of talent recruitment in the digital age. Here are three ways that both big and small companies can build and brand a CSR program to recruit millennials.

  1. Brand your program. Have a targeted approach and think locally. Develop a set of metrics for your goals around donations and employee participation. Millennials like instant gratification, so focusing on projects with quick wins is a great way to keep them engaged.
  2. Create a buzz. Encourage employees to participate by creating a conversation via social media and by showcasing results with photos and articles related to CSR to show authenticity.
  3. Start recruiting. Arm recruiters with the key messaging points they’ll need to promote this program when engaging with candidates and using CSR as a recruiting tool. Incorporate this messaging throughout your marketing channels.

Susan Vitale is chief marketing officer at iCIMS.