Rhonda Shear, president, Shear Enterprises LLC

Rhonda Shear, president, Shear Enterprises LLC

AWARD RECIPIENT – Retail and Consumer Products

Rhonda Shear


Shear Enterprises LLC

Rhonda Shear has continued to reinvent herself over the years, evolving from successful actress to traveling comedian to self-made businesswoman.

In 2003, she acted on the desire to own her own company and invested all she had to found St. Petersburg, Fla.-based Shear Enterprises LLC — an intimate apparel company.

She designed the first eight products herself and connected with other start-up companies in the manufacturing industry that would work with her on small minimum orders and cash management.

Today, Shear Enterprises has grown from a staff of three to a staff of 25, but Shear still designs all of her products personally.

Aiming to make fun apparel flattering for all body types, she pays particular attention to style, fabric, color and sizing. To further set her company apart, she uses the highest quality materials and takes risks to find new ways to reach her customers.

Recently, Shear launched Rhonda Shear TV — covered on both Roku and Yahoo TV — to move beyond retail outlets and traditional shopping networks.

Taking risks to further differentiate, she also is launching a swimwear line, a fragrance line and a cosmetic line to complement her intimate apparel products this year.

Dedicated to her community, Shear has been involved in charities such as Habitat for Humanity, St. Jude’s and the American Cancer Society.

But her real passion lies with organizations focused on breast cancer survivors and breast cancer detection education.

In addition to donations of money and time, Shear is working on a bra that will accommodate the needs of women who’ve been through breast cancer surgery, soliciting the advice of medical professionals.

HOW TO REACH: Shear Enterprises LLC, www.rhondashear.com