Richard Zuschlag, Acadian Ambulance Service, chairman and CEO

Health care & Health care Services — Award Recipient

Richard Zuschlag operates Acadian Ambulance Service with a focus on two core responsibilities that everyone in the company must carry out. The first responsibility is to serve patients with excellent care. The second is to provide a rewarding, challenging work environment for the company’s employees.

Zuschlag, chairman and CEO, believes these two responsibilities go hand in hand. Excellent patient care cannot occur if employees don’t feel motivated.

Standing alongside Zuschlag, helping to hold up Acadian’s core values, is the company’s senior management team. The 23 employees with the title of vice president or higher have more than 530 years of combined experience with Acadian, and they are all committed to the company and the communities they serve.

With such a high level of experience, the management team has developed a great deal of familiarity with the business and each other. They are able to operate efficiently and effectively in executing Acadian’s strategy. Outside of the company, that commitment extends to community causes, as Zuschlag and his team work with area governments to help promote ways to improve health care and ambulance services in order to make life better in the communities in which Acadian operates.

Zuschlag believes his management team is unparalleled in its strength and knowledge of the business, and his job is to let them execute with minimal interference from above.

He founded Acadian because of his compassion and desire to help others. To this day, his ambition of saving every life, regardless of financial consequences, continues in effect at Acadian. It is a philosophy that has allowed Acadian to become the emergency medical transportation company trusted to provide service in communities throughout Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

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