Risk and reward

Sudip Nandy knows a thing or two when it comes to growth.

At his previous position at a billion-dollar company, he oversaw more than 18,000 employees and led nine global acquisitions and joint venture operations in two years.

Nandy, who is now CEO of Aricent Inc., a global technology and services company that focuses exclusively on communications, says the key to driving growth is to have a good blend of what you know and ambiguity tolerance — the things you don’t know because you haven’t seen them in the past and others haven’t either.

“In a growth market, it’s always new things that drive growth, and new things mean it’s uncharted territory. So one of the critical things to have is that tolerance in a growth market and having a good understanding of what we know and also knowing what we don’t know,” says Nandy, who is pushing his 8,000 employees at Aricent to work closely with customers, take risks and to move forward in trying new things to take the company to the next level.