Robert Daley and Henry Thorne, Co-founders, 4moms

Henry Thorne, Co-founder, 4moms


When Robert Daley and Henry Thorne founded 4moms in 2005, they combined Daley’s venture capital experience with Thorne’s engineering background to create innovative, high-tech products for home use.

The company’s name comes from Daley and Thorne’s original focus group, composed of four mothers, who helped the duo explore products to serve the infant, toddler and small children markets. The collaboration helped to create 4moms’ first product, the Cleanwater Infant Tub.

4moms’ products now include an updated version of the Cleanwater tub and the mamaRoo, which is an infant seat that uses a dual-motion robotic platform to mimic parents’ motions. One of the company’s newest products, a powerfolding stroller called the Origami, has created a national buzz with appearances on CNN and NBC’s “Today Show.”

Daley and Thorne have persevered to bring these products to market. They’ve faced shipping delays, skyrocketing material costs and retailers afraid of anything new. The pair has taken risks, but throughout the struggles, Daley and Thorne have prepared for success by conducting careful market research and sales trials with retailers.

Overwhelming consumer interest in 4moms’ products has driven impressive sales, but it has also put Daley and Thorne under pressure to quickly devise more brilliant solutions. The duo has always answered the innovation bell due to their experience and market knowledge. Due to the hard work of Daley and Thorne, 4moms has the team and the product pipeline it needs to stay ahead.

The leadership philosophy of the company’s co-founders encourages creative growth, using robotic technology to solve common problems that parents of young children face. Daley and Thorne realize parenting can always be a little easier — and it can be, as technology gets faster, lighter and cheaper.

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