Robert Low, president, Prime Inc.

Robert Low, Prime Inc.

WINNER – Transportation

Robert Low


Prime Inc.

Robert Low believes that the center of Prime Inc.’s continued success over the years has been a strong management team. In assembling his team, Prime’s president looked for individuals who are talented enough to perform at a high level while still adhering to the organization’s culture.

Once he had the people he wanted, he focused on developing a work environment that would allow them to reach their full potential.

In Low’s words, the best managerial team can create both “culture and numbers.” They can promote the cultural principles of the company while producing quantifiable results.

Low’s strong management team has helped Prime to develop a strong presence in several areas of the transportation industry — including refrigerated flatbed, tanker and logistics.

Using those core areas of strength as a base, Low intends to identify and capitalize on several growth opportunities for the company in the coming years.

Low looks forward to the opportunity to expand Prime’s customer base of shippers due to an increased focus on safety and regulations.

He is also focused on expanding Prime’s existing transportation brokerage services. Low and his management team set to differentiate Prime from the competition by providing the best possible customer service at a competitive rate.

The company’s strategy is executed in large part through the strong performance of the company’s employees and owner-operator drivers, which is cultivated through the corporate environment created by Low and his team.

Originality and innovation will continue to be a critical part of future success at Prime, as Low and his management team continue to look for new ways to grow the business by continually evaluating new opportunities.

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