Rock solid

Matt Radicelli, CEO, Rock the House Entertainment

While you might want to reminisce about the days of old and rock ‘n’ roll, that’s only a part of what Rock the House Entertainment is all about. Offering concierge-class customer service for occasions ranging from corporate events to weddings, Rock the House wants to create an experience that CEO Matt Radicelli and staff want customers to remember for a long time.

It all starts with the initial contact ― 80 percent of business is through word-of-mouth ―  as the RTHLive software keeps track of all e-mails, conversations and other interactions with customers so that all departments are on the same page. Each customer is paired with a go-to person for the event; it’s the company’s “single point of contact” strategy. All full-time staff members are trained in assisting with every aspect of the business. This strategy is designed to build brand loyalty with the entire company so customers will trust the whole machine and not just the person with which they work most often.

New employees ― energetic staff members with good hearts ready to get with the program ― go through a detailed orientation program that includes company history, customer service philosophies, and mission and vision statement discussions. Then they receive training specific to their role supervised by seasoned staff members who have been recognized as sincerely embracing the customer service philosophies.

Rock the House even employs “wildcards,” staff members that stand by to relieve an ill team member, deliver replacement equipment and perform other duties as needed. As a result, there haven’t been any unresolved event-related issues in five years. Customers take notice that it is truly the company’s pleasure to be of service.

Highly satisfied customers are clearly the goal at Rock the House. The refund policy underscores that with the simple statement, “If you don’t get what you asked for, expected or paid for, it’s free.”

How to reach: Rock the House Entertainment, (440) 232-7625 or