Roy Church sustains entrepreneurship at Lorain County Community College

In Roy Church’s office hangs a plaque that reads, “Perseverance moves mountains.” For 24 years as president of Lorain County Community College, Church has personified this philosophy, leading the institution to become one of the top community colleges in the country.
As an entrepreneurial leader, Church envisioned the development needs and opportunities of the region and championed them. His commitment to high standards and his determination and passion for progress are reflected in the success of LCCC.
LCCC has become a national leader in fostering education and economic innovation. The college has created initiatives and private-public partnerships to build talent, grow businesses and jobs, and nurture young entrepreneurs, and it is the only community college in Ohio to offer a degree in entrepreneurship. As a result, the American Association of Community Colleges, in partnership with the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, recently selected LCCC as one of 10 community colleges in the nation to participate in a Virtual Incubation Network.
Church and the college have built successful resources to encourage and support high-growth, technology innovations and entrepreneurs to grow new businesses and jobs to be competitive on the global stage. Together, they have been responsible for Great Lakes Innovation and Development Enterprise, Entrepreneurship Innovation Center, and Innovation Fund, all of which develop young entrepreneurs and start-up companies.
Under the direction of Church and its education mission, LCCC has seen record growth.
When Church came in as president in 1987, he implemented vision-based strategic planning, which engages the community and stakeholders in designing the direction, goals and objectives of the institution. Today, what’s known as Vision 2015 has created a sense of purpose and direction at the college, where the actions of the individual drive the success of the organization and influence the success of the community.

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