Sabah Ammouri, President and CEO, ATM of America Inc.

Sabah AmmouriSemifinalist, Business Services

Sabah Ammouri immigrated to America with his family at the age of 5. Originally from Iraq, Ammouri spent his childhood overcoming language, cultural barriers and financial instability.

The challenges of his early life helped instill in him a strong work ethic. He used his determination and willingness to work hard as the building blocks for a successful business career, establishing ATM of America Inc. in 2001 and growing it into Michigan’s largest independent sales organization.

At ATM of America, President and CEO Ammouri has established a culture in which everyone feels empowered to go above and beyond to serve customers. The culture is advanced by the team Ammouri has assembled. His handpicked team of six to eight individuals possesses the same passion for redefining success, expressing their entrepreneurial spirit and excelling in the financial services industry. Ammouri believes the relationships he has built, both inside and outside the company, are the key to the great achievements and lofty reputation of his company.

Throughout his journey, as he established ATM of America as a successful company, Ammouri still continued to meet and overcome challenges. In the early stages of his business, ATMs were less popular than they are now. Ammouri had to convince his merchant customers of the future success ATM services had to offer.

His persuasion paid off as electronic financial services became a major player in today’s society. Ammouri’s initial risk paid off greatly for his customers and himself. Using the momentum from those initial wins, Ammouri has branched out to Platinum Processing, a new company he founded that caters to credit card processing, going hand in hand with the services offered by ATM of America.

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