Saving green

Brewster-based, snack-food manufacturer Shearer’s Foods Inc. stepped up its sustainability efforts by joining ENERGY
STAR in 2006, but the company didn’t stop

Since 2006, Shearer’s has made a fundamental commitment to protecting the environment by creating a comprehensive
energy management program.

The program is divided into three main
parts: landfill reduction, natural resources
and energy conservation, and lastly, associate sustainability training and engagement.
Shearer’s recycling efforts take place
plantwide in each of the manufacturer’s
plants and offices. Plastic, aluminum, paper,
shrink wrap, batteries, cardboard, computers, cell phones and print cartridges are all
recycled, and the company purchases products containing post-consumer recycled content. Everything that can be reused or recycled reduces the waste that goes to landfills.

The second part of Shearer’s three-pronged plan to improve sustainability is a focus on conservation of natural resources
and energy. Shearer’s has purchased
ENERGY STAR-rated equipment, installed
programmable thermostats and insulated
wastewater treatment tanks with ceramic
paint to improve temperature stability and is
working to convert to high-efficiency T8
lighting in all plant areas.

Shearer’s has installed several no-water urinals that save 315,000 gallons of water each
year. The company also recycles waste heat
from air compressors to reduce plant heating

Because of these and many other upgrades,
Shearer’s has seen the results of going green.
Based on utility consumption per pound of
production, the company reduced its natural
gas consumption by 7.32 percent and its electric use by 15.47 percent from fiscal 2006 to
fiscal 2007.

Also in one year’s time, Shearer’s sustainability initiatives reduced water costs 30.24
percent and sewer costs 38.04 percent.

The third part of Shearer’s program is training employees in the company’s sustainability initiatives. To meet those goals, Shearer’s
created associate-driven “green teams” at all
manufacturing facilities. The teams develop
engagement with other employees by sharing
best practices in monthly meetings, training
on software that generates new leads for
resource conservation projects and by making updates on utility performance available
to all associates. That data is also used on a
resource conservation scorecard to track the
company’s weekly performance against its
conservation goals.

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