Scott Barnyak, Christy Maruca and Chris Simchick, Co-founders and Principal Partners, SDLC LP

Scott Barnyak, Co-founder and Principal Partner, SDLC LP

Christy Maruca, Co-founder and Principal Partner, SDLC LP

Chris Simchick, Co-founder and Principal Partner, SDLC LP


When they co-founded SDLC LP, partners Scott Barnyak, Christy Maruca and Chris Simchick put up a quote in their office. It read, “I am not worried that it’s not going to happen. I’ll make it happen. You go make the things you want.” This quote sums up the philosophy the three have used to transform SDLC from a start-up of five employees into an industry-leading IT consulting business with 245 employees.

Having worked as colleagues for many years, Barnyak, Maruca and Simchick knew when they started SDLC that they shared a vision to create a company that would bridge the gap between business and IT — and the drive and work ethic it would take to make the business successful.

Seeing an opportunity to create a company that could better meet the needs of the IT consulting marketplace, the partners co-founded SDLC in 2004 with a differentiated business model, offering management consulting and technical execution at a market competitive price.

The partners’ growth strategy has involved building a team of employees that is equally committed to driving SDLC’s success. To make growth happen, they have reinvested much of the company’s capital to find and retain talented people who share their vision.

Leveraging their home mortgages and savings to fund the start-up, the partners deferred compensation for the first 15 months, focusing instead on hiring talented employees that could build the company’s practice areas. They also used the economic downturn as an opportunity to add new leadership and support roles, despite the fact that other businesses were cutting back on personnel.

But staying committed to the vision paid off. By 2011, SDLC was able to add 100 employees and a new Pittsburgh location to accommodate its business growth.