Seeing both sides of the situation

The business leaders in this issue have dealt with major changes in their organizations. Some of it was out of their control, while other changes were driven by them. But in either case, they didn’t freeze. They focused on the opportunities, as well as the challenges.

Vector Security President and CEO Pam Petrow is leading her company through major changes in residential and commercial security. Everything is about automation — hooking your house or business up to one infrastructure.

Petrow remembers selling $5,000 residential systems in high-end neighborhoods 35 years ago. Now, residents use their cameras for things like seeing when the dog sitter arrives so they can remotely unlock the system, let that person in and know when he or she leaves.

She and her team at Vector are embracing these changes and working hard to find their place in the new dynamic. They’ve even led a national effort in 911 facilities across the country, promoting the adoption of an Automated Secure Alarm Protocol in municipalities and public agencies, while working with their competitors on implementation. The system automatically transmits data to dispatchers to improve response time.

Vector isn’t the only organization to see the possibilities. Steve Smith, CEO of Plus Consulting, had some experience working in global markets, but he got a crash course in Australian culture after acquiring a company down under. He had to utilize a lot of communication as a result, and has since applied his lessons learned to other potential acquisitions.

Every situation has its pluses and minuses, and time and time again, I hear executives say that you’ve got to see both. No matter how challenging something is, there may be a way to turn it into an advantage, and the rosiest of situations can always be improved upon.

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