Selling with confidence

Buying a home can be intimidating, and
questions rapidly run through your head
as you sign the piles of paperwork. Did
you choose the right neighborhood? Is
the furnace going to last? What hidden
problems will creep up? Is your neighbor’s dog going to keep you up all hours
of the night?

It’s a lot to consider, so Howard Hanna
Real Estate Services likes to make it easier
for the customer by offering a 100 percent
guarantee. If you’re not happy with your
home purchase, then Howard Hanna will
buy it back from you for 100 percent of the
purchase price, and you can try again.

It’s just one way that Howard W. Hanna
IV ensures that his company continues
growing, and he’s more concerned with
growing his business through integrity,
honesty and quality service by his more
than 500 employees than through masking
truths just to get a sale.

He also honors employees who have
been recognized by clients for their outstanding service through the company’s
prestigious President’s Circle and Quality
Service Award. The award is given annually to sales associates who have continuously excelled in their service and sales.

On top of its personal service, it also
strives to provide quality service virtually by notifying potential customers of real
estate that meets their needs as soon as it
becomes available. The company also has
two team members monitor and follow up
with any inquiries about properties, so
that any potential client’s needs are met

Recognizing employees and having pro-customer programs has helped this company excel in offering world-class customer service.

HOW TO REACH: Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, (216)
447-4477 or