Seth Mason and David Sterio, The Lincoln Electric Co.

Seth Mason, Energy Manager, The Lincoln Electric Co.

In 2011, The Lincoln Electric Co. constructed a Northeast Ohio landmark: the largest wind turbine in an urban setting in North America. This turbine produces about 10 percent of the energy needs for Lincoln’s Euclid operations and represents the company’s commitment to wind-energy efficiency.

Seth Mason, energy manager, and David Sterio, manager of building services, are responsible for leading the Lincoln wind turbine project. Mason is primarily responsible for the purchase of natural gas and electricity, in addition to other energy-usage engineering responsibilities. Sterio directs the day-to-day operation of Lincoln Electric’s Building Maintenance and Facilities Engineering groups for its Euclid, Ohio, manufacturing campus.

Together, the two oversaw the planning, construction and completion of the 2.5MW turbine, including an intensive two years in the final stage of the project.

David Sterio, Manager of Building Services, The Lincoln Electric Co.

Mason and Sterio were instrumental in the project’s success. They were responsible for the specification, permitting and building of the turbine as well as securing significant funding for the project. In addition, their investment in such an impressive landmark has marked a critical moment in Lincoln’s history. Since its dedication on Aug. 23, 2011, wind and green energy groups, tourists and elected officials have visited the turbine site.

The wind turbine is a prime example of Lincoln’s ability to innovate in its industry while benefiting the greater community. While Lincoln does not manufacture wind turbines, it does weld the base tower components, known as the “cans.” The company partnered with Kenersys, a growing German manufacturing company looking to create a presence in the United States.

Lincoln’s investment in environmental initiatives is evidenced in the turbine’s contribution to energy efficiency and lowered energy costs. Overall, Lincoln’s efforts range from the design and manufacture of sustainable products to reducing more than 50 percent the amount of waste materials sent to landfills.

Lincoln has achieved ISO 14001 (the environmental standard) certification at its most significant facilities in North America and Europe, and continuously works to achieving this certification worldwide. The turbine is only the beginning of Lincoln’s commitment to running a sustainable business, but is symbolic of what Lincoln is capable of achieving in its future.

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