Setting the Pace

William Day, President and CEO, St. Barnabas Health System

Successful business leadership in this time of economic turbulence and uncertainty is no mean feat. Yet, that is exactly what 11 outstanding business leaders have accomplished and why they have been singled out by Smart Business Pittsburgh.

They have not only set the pace for our region, they have stepped up that pace. That’s what leaders do. They are the men and women who keep our economy moving, not stagnating. They navigate the road to success through strength and consistency. Responsible risk-taking, groundbreaking innovations, “doing the right thing as well as the smart thing.”

All 11 of these Pacesetters, representing three categories: emerging, midmarket and centurion, are profiled in this issue of Smart Business Pittsburgh. They were honored at the 25th annual St. Barnabas CEO Leadership Conference on Sept. 19, in the Kean Theatre on St. Barnabas’ North Hills campus in Gibsonia, Pa.

The theme of the 2011 Conference was “We’ve Got Energy … Earth, Wind and Fire.” Energy was chosen because of its tremendous influence on the decisions people, businesses and even governments make. And because of the new economies, the new business opportunities and new jobs, being created by the advanced energy industry.

Keynoting the conference was Pennsylvania’s Lt. Governor Jim Cawley with this impressive lineup of energy speakers: George Ellis, president, Pennsylvania Coal Association; Kathryn Klaber, president and executive director, Marcellus Shale Coalition; Simon J. Tripp, senior officer, The Battelle Group; Daniel S. Lipman, senior vice president, Westinghouse Operations Support & Core Process Innovation; Michael Krancer, secretary, Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection; and Caren Glotfelty, director, environment program, The Heinz Endowments, and co-chair, environmental policy committee, University of Pittsburgh Institute of Politics. Ray Carter, vice president and general manager of WPXI-TV, was the conference moderator.

James C. Roddey, Allegheny County’s first chief executive, moderated the morning’s panel discussion, which explored various forms of energy — Marcellus Shale, nuclear, coal, wind and solar power — and their economic impact on our region.

As many economic experts agree, we have an energy-hungry world, demanding reliable, affordable, sustainable energy sources to fuel industry and provide for personal consumption. It is time to fight our way out of what seems to be the Great Recession. Energy in all its forms will be the ultimate weapon in that fight.

St. Barnabas was proud to once again partner with Smart Business Pittsburgh, and our congratulations to all the Pacesetters you will meet in the pages of this magazine. Let’s keep up the pace!

William V. Day is president and CEO of St. Barnabas Health System,