Shearer perfection

Bob Shearer is the second generation to run Shearer’s, a snack food manufacturer that’s been in business for 30 years.

In that time, the company has grown from a $4 million business with a handful of employees to a $65 million business with almost 400 employees. In 2003, it manufactured almost 42 million pounds of snacks, and the numbers for 2004 are still growing.

Innovative ideas have been the recipe for Shearer’s success. The company continually upgrades all phases of the manufacturing process to enhance efficiency and reduce operating costs, and constantly explores new snack product opportunities.

“The company has gone from a horse and buggy to a Lear jet operation when it comes to technological advancements in recent years,” says Shearer.

The company also has a quality assurance team that monitors and evaluates all facets of the manufacturing process from raw materials to finished products.

Shearer’s has grown through its unique approach to the market. Many snack food companies either focus on their own branded products or make private label products for others. Most also choose between doing their own store-level distribution and having other distribute their products.

Shearer’s has approached the market with a mix of all these capabilities.

“By having these capabilities, we are able to provide a full-service offering to retailers, yet also provide large-scale co-packing services to major snack food companies,” says Shearer. “This helps Shearer’s stay in tune with the market, as well as determine which opportunities to exploit. We are able to take products from one area of the business to another more quickly.” How to reach: Shearer’s, (330) 767-3426 or