Shearer perfection

Robert J. “Bob” Shearer believes that
there is always room for more leadership
in any business, even a well-established
and highly visible business like Shearer’s
Foods Inc.

Shearer’s Foods has had a winning business formula for years. Possessing many
different capabilities in production and distribution, the snack food company is a
prime example of achieving business success in the challenging Northeast Ohio

But even with high levels of success,
Shearer hasn’t been content to let his company stand pat. Shearer puts the focus on
his employees and the capability they have
to take the company above and beyond
what it has already accomplished.

Shearer believes that the head of the company doesn’t need to be the smartest person
in the company — not only that, it’s better if the leader is willing to hire people with high
achievement potential. So he takes an
involved approach to filling out his leadership team, handpicking the people who will
serve on it, and then giving them the tools to
perform their jobs optimally.

Shearer says a leader cannot just hire
good people. You must hire great people.

“You cannot be afraid to hire people
smarter than you,” he says. “A great leader
develops future leaders by giving them an
opportunity to succeed.”

With that philosophy in place, Shearer’s
has become a sought-after employer. From
392 employees five years ago, the company
grew to 691 employees last year.

Shearer also takes his message of leadership to the community, speaking at area
business luncheons and seminars, including the Lake County Entrepreneurs Club,
the Medina Chamber of Commerce, the
East Side Entrepreneurs Club and the
Smart Business Live Luncheon Speaker Series.

In addition, Shearer takes a mentoring
role among the area’s young businesspeople, mentoring college students and other
young entrepreneurs who have started
their own businesses.

Shearer believes all good leaders have
several things in common: They lead by
example, they are willing to be a part of all
aspects of their businesses, and they
include others in the decision-making
processes of the business. The success of
Shearer’s Foods is proving that his business beliefs are ones worth listening to.

HOW TO REACH: Shearer’s Foods Inc., (330) 767-3426 or