Shon Christy saw a market gap, filled it, and grew Christy Creative

Shon Christy

Shon Christy


When Shon Christy clicked on the “start” button in 2010 to launch his social media marketing firm Christy Creative, he knew it would be difficult as a start-up business to compete with traditional marketing firms. So he focused on the untapped market of social media where no one was paying attention to the company as a specialty firm.

Over the last three years, the firm’s revenue grew by a phenomenal 120 times its 2010 showing. Christy Creative is the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce winner of the Emerging Business Award, which honors a company that has been in business for five years or less.

With its focus on the undeveloped social media marketing niche, Christy Creative was able to gain an edge on other firms, and as a result, began collaborating with marketing firms rather than directly competing with them.

As the client lineup was growing, Christy, president of the fledgling firm, realized that the performance of the restaurant vertical was outpacing the rest of the lineup. This was the impetus for the launch of a sister company, Eat Drink Promote, which has garnered attention as well as speaking engagements at some of the largest restaurant exhibitions in the country.

In addition, over the last few years Christy realized that there was also a need among companies that needed a lower cost automated service. This is being developed into a separate brand and involves creating content for restaurant and retail environments geared toward those industries. The particular organization, subscribes to the service and does a “cut and paste” for their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Christy feels his entrepreneurial journey — which he began midway through his career — has helped teach him that leaving a legacy is more important than financial gain. His company is a vehicle for him to serve and to give. Christy is heavily involved in organizations such as the Rotary Club and the Greater Akron Chamber Young Professionals Network, as well as nonprofit organizations.

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