Simon Bax, CEO; Bill Tillson, president and COO, Encompass Digital Media Inc.

Simon Bax, CEO, Encompass Digital Media Inc.

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Simon Bax and Bill Tillson met when the companies they worked for collaborated on a project together. At the end of the project, the two remained friends, and in 2007, they began to talk about potential business opportunities. They both shared a belief that the number of linear television channels around the world would continue to increase and this would be complemented by the rapid expansion of over-the-top and video-on-demand services.

This led to the formation of Encompass Digital Media Inc., which is focused on providing outsourced technical solutions to broadcasters, content owners, cable channel operators and government departments. The company now has more than 900 employees and 500 full-time networks worldwide, equivalent to 12,000 hours of television every day.

Bax and Tillson continue to innovate their company to provide the best products and services for their customers.

Bill Tillson, president and COO, Encompass Digital Media Inc.

Some of the new offerings they have created include a national network of satellite uplink trunks to provide news organizations with live daily news feeds anywhere in the United States, interconnectivity between five global facilities with a redundant and fully protected network offering clients the ability to create a broadcast-ready file in any location and a central casting business to provide centralized master control operations to TV stations.

This has been made possible by a dedicated team of individuals Bax and Tillson reward by giving share options in the company. For many of them, this is their first experience of ownership. After Court Square acquired a majority interest in the company, these employees were able to cash out for a portion of their holdings while continuing to have a significant equity stake in the company.

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