Skoda Minotti follows through on promises to communities

2014 Pillar Award for Community Service, Northeast Ohio


Gregory Skoda, CPA
Skoda Minotti


Five Points of Service

Skoda Minotti makes promises to its clients, employees and business contacts. But it’s the promise to the communities in which it works that has manifest in the many ways Skoda employees have found to help people.

Between July 2013 and July 2014, Skoda’s partners and 240 employees contributed $113,000 to a broad range of charitable organizations. It also donated 2,500 work hours or roughly $765,000 in employee time spent doing work for the community.

Skoda Minotti has a five-point approach to philanthropic service. In addition to providing business advisory, financial guidance or community education, it strongly encourages its employees to serve on nonprofit boards and perform volunteer work. Employees have embraced that initiative and are involved in many organizations that serve the local community and areas outside of the region.

The company fosters greater connection to the nonprofit community through Business Volunteers Unlimited: Volunteer Trust Institute, which trains employees to serve as nonprofit board members and pairs them with appropriate organizations.

The firm is also a regular participant in Done-in-a-Day volunteer projects that has led to hundreds of hours of community service.

Tying it all together is the firm’s Community Outreach Committee projects, which is responsible for planning, organizing and communicating Skoda’s community efforts and coordinating its giving initiatives. Not only does this help organize its volunteer process and help employees give back, it empowers employees and committee members to develop new and novel ways to have an impact on the communities in which it operates.