Smart 50 judging day is always a great day

Even though I spend a lot of my time listening to the stories of business leaders, asking about their challenges and discovering what their organization did to overcome those obstacles, Smart 50 judging day takes that to another level.

Every year, I discover inspiring stories that make you wish you had the passion that entrepreneur has in their little finger — it would be more than enough. Sometimes, it’s a company that I’ve already interviewed, and I fall back into their story all over again. Other times, I find myself writing a note that I want to talk to this person again for a future article. Even when I think I know what to expect from someone, I can still be surprised.

These are people who love what they do. It shows in their excitement, vision and how they can draw in the judges.

Not everyone could make it to judging day. Some were in the other room, so I didn’t hear what they said directly. So, I only got a taste of the 2017 Smart 50 winners, but what I heard was good, very good.

I know the profiles in the magazine only scratch the surface of what these amazing leaders and organizations are doing, so please take some time to visit their websites and meet them in person at the Sept. 19 event. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll be motivated, just like I am every year.

Even though I may never start a company, close a merger or be in charge of hundreds of employees, hearing about the great things going on the community always recharges me. We all need that sometimes. Bad news might travel faster, but good news is still worth listening to.

If you’re looking to be inspired today, start with the Smart 50.