Soaring expectations

At Flight Options, every customer is
treated as a VIP and is considered a
member of the Flight Options family.

And to ensure its employees understand
that, two years ago, the fractional jet ownership company headed by CEO S. Michael
Sheeringa began working with a five-star
luxury hospitality company to transform the
business into a more customer-centric, service-based organization.

With the company as a
consultant, Flight Options
developed “Service on a
Higher Plane,” an eight-hour training class
focused on internal and
external customer service. Every Flight Options employee has
attended the class, and the company is now
developing the second phase of the curriculum.

The Flight Options team follows five principles, called “The Five Non-Negotiables,”
which include passionate attention to detail
and continuous improvement. These principles hang on posters around the company’s
headquarters, and all team members have a
copy, as well, gearing them toward a collective goal of providing exemplary customer
experiences in all that they do.

This training is critical, because there are
times when maintenance and weather —
things employees have no control over —
can affect service, but the staff does everything it can to minimize the impact. For
example, when weather forces a crew to
land at an alternate airport, crew members
have rented a car to drive their passengers to
their original destination.

But the company’s superior customer service isn’t only the result of training; it all starts
with hiring employees with “service hearts”
and retaining them by treating each person
with honesty, professionalism, kindness and
dignity. Flight Options also matched employees with positions that challenge them and
allow them to grow professionally and
encourages them to treat others with honesty, professionalism, kindness and dignity.

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