Solution driven

Carmella Calta, CEO, Staffing Solutions Enterprises

Although the industry of Staffing Solutions Enterprises has been commoditized over the years, the recruitment solutions provider has been resolute in pricing services based on the value proposition the company delivers.

The company is built on a foundational belief that savvy customers understand the difference between highly discounted services and service that is priced appropriately to support delivery of exemplary service.

With a high level of understanding of the market they service, Staffing Solutions Enterprises, led by founder and CEO Carmella Calta, has fashioned a specialized approach to building and maintaining loyal clients.

The company has a service standards program, which allows staff to make decisions based on what will benefit the client. Decisions are based on courtesy, responsiveness, accuracy, being proactive and efficiency.

The service standards have aided Staffing Solutions Enterprises in creating a business model that helps client companies better manage utilization of assignment employees. The company’s business model allows clients to save significantly because each assignment employee achieves a higher level of productivity, requiring fewer employees to work on each assignment.

In 2010, the company underwent a technology upgrade, improving its applicant tracking system and offering the system to clients at an affordable price. The technology saves clients time and money by helping them better manage the high volume of resumes received during the recruitment process.

Staffing Solutions Enterprises has also recognized the need to create an avenue for women in the human resources field to network with each other. Five years ago, the company helped establish the HR Executive Women’s Network, and continues to lead and grow the network, enabling female business leaders to meet and network with each other. Four times per year, the company holds informal meetings to serve as a networking opportunity. The meetings have served as a steppingstone for building business relationships.

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