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Jim Laber, partner, AtNetPlus Inc.

Technology, Sales Growth

Business leaders are always facing technical problems in one form or another, whether it’s managing critical email, protecting their company’s data or setting up an attractive website. And partners Jim Laber and Jay Mellon are counting on it.

Throughout the past five years, Laber and Mellon have seen steady growth in their company, AtNetPlus Inc., which provides IT support and business technology solutions for companies through managed services, Web development, and backup, hosting and collocation services. While their employee base has remained somewhat static, the company’s revenue has continued to rise, even throughout the economic recession.

Jay Mellon, partner, AtNetPlus Inc.

What’s fueling this growth? A big piece of it is the company’s dedication to its customers and, specifically, a culture that’s laser-focused on customer service excellence. Throughout the year, AtNetPlus reaches out to a cross section of its client base to gain feedback and ideas about how the company can better serve their needs. This input is used by its Customer Advisory Team to develop action plans for the company, so that all of its employees can take steps toward improving the customer experience on a continuous basis, from response time to client communications and billing processes. The Customer Advisory Team and other customer service initiatives have not only strengthened the company’s relationships with existing clients but also helped it to build its industry reputation for going above and beyond for its customers. As a result of this growth, AtNetPlus has received multiple Cascade Capital Business Growth Awards, with four consecutive wins from 2008 through 2011.

Aside from its focus on customers, the company also priorities its role in the community by employing people throughout the Northeast Ohio area and local contractors. Recently, AtNetPlus also announced the opening of its new branch in Columbus, a move that will allow it to serve a new market of customers as well as a new base of clients. The company also plans to add talent as it grows the office, including new managers and additional technical staff.

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