Something old, something new

Justin Sucato, president and managing partner, Carrara Cos.

Service, Best Story

When the recession hit at the end of 2008, many of Carrara Cos. peers decided to make cutbacks or reduce staff to lessen the impact. The company could have easily followed suit with these other organizations, but instead, it took an alternative approach. It decided not to participate in the recession at all, going about business as usual.

Four years later, the results clearly paint this strategy as a success for Carrara Cos., a provider of restoration, construction and cleaning services. Between 2008 and 2011, the company not only doubled in size, growing from 24 to 52 employees, but also steadily increased its revenue consecutively year over year. For those looking for an explanation, President and Managing Partner Justin Sucato points to Carrara’s core strengths, one of the most important being its ability to develop its associates to become successful leaders.

Under the leadership of Sucato, Carrara Cos. continues build its business around its employees. The company’s ability to outperform competitors begins with its pledge to its people to go beyond just basic training and development programs that show people how to do their jobs. Instead, it institutes initiatives that help individual employees achieve their professional goals and succeed on a clear career path — such as its Top Performer Development Program. By putting employees first, Carrara Cos. engages its team on a deeper level to execute the company’s mission and deliver the best customer service in the industry.

Building relationships with associates and customers is an area the Carrara’s leaders have focused on since the company’s inception. It’s why the company developed the Carrara Café, based on the experience of Sunday dinners hosted by Donato Carrara, the company’s namesake. At the Café, Carrara’s employees and customers can share a meal, swap stories and live many of the values that have continued to guide the company’s business strategies, including tradition, quality and honesty.

Today, Carrara is recognized by its customers, employees and industry for its success. In 2011, its customers reported back to the company that they received a “phenomenal experience” when working with Carrara 91 percent of time.

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