Special recognition

As many of you know, Smart Business Network publishes Smart Business in a number of markets.

Each month I try to keep my column focused on broad topics of management and leadership so it can run in all of our publications. However, this month, I want to highlight the staff of one of our markets because of an award they won.

While we have won many awards over the years, this one is very special to me.

The Press Club of Cleveland conducts an annual Excellence in Journalism Awards contest in which publications from across Ohio enter their work. From the biggest dailies to the smallest trade journals, most publications and their staff members strive to take home one of these coveted prizes.

Last month, the winners were recognized at an awards dinner in Cleveland. Among the writers honored were our own Morgan Lewis Jr. (first place – Personality Profile, and honorable mention – Public Service/Investigative Journalism) and Kim Palmer (second place – Trends).

But the highlight of the evening was the Best in Ohio awards, in which Smart Business Cleveland took first place for best business publication in the state.

I would first like to congratulate all of our Cleveland staff for making this award possible and to let you know how much I appreciate all of the hard work and effort you put into making the magazine the best it can be. The hard work you put into each issue clearly was not lost on the judges.

Next, I would like to thank our readers. Without you, we would have no magazine. The publication you hold in your hands today has evolved into what it is because of the feedback you have given us through the years. Every year we take your comments and change our product to better meet your needs.

Third, I would like to thank our advertisers. Without you, there would be no revenue to pay for producing our magazine. In addition, you are the people who hold us to a higher standard.

Because of your demand for quality, we have tried to continually improve our product so that it meets your high standards. I think this award shows we’ve had some success in that regard.

Lastly, I would like to thank Publisher Michael Marzec, Executive Editor Dustin Klein and the rest of the Smart Business Network team for all of their dedication and hard work. There is no I in team, and it was truly a team effort that won this award.

Congratulations to all of you.