Staying on top

Gary S. Shamis, managing director, SS&G

Great customer service never goes out of style, but there are times when it’s even more appreciated than normal. SS&G has learned that recessions are a time when clients are thirsting for expertise to help them get through financial challenges and come out the other end in good shape.

It’s why Gary S. Shamis, the accounting firm’s managing director, pushes the idea of building partnerships with his clients. He wants his people to be like family to clients and his firm a place where they can turn for answers rather than red tape and more headaches.

The firm is always looking for new ways to provide that little something extra to clients to help them manage through stressful times. Free seminars are held regularly to discuss an array of subjects that directly relate to issues that clients are dealing with. The best part is they are most often held in the morning so as not to disrupt the rest of their busy day.

Often, the seminars are hosted by SS&G personnel. But when they aren’t the expert, the firm finds someone who is and taps into his or her expertise. The goal is the same either way: to provide topnotch insight and advice to help clients prosper.

SS&G has also introduced a secure client portal that offers clients access to important documents that they might need free of charge. The goal in these and other offerings is to always provide clients with what they need before they even have to ask for it.

Shamis encourages close working relationships with clients and an attitude of consistently looking for better ways to satisfy clients and provide them with even better service.

Between great service and tremendous expertise, SS&G leaves little to chance when it comes to delivering for its clients.

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