Stepping up

Keith Shopnick, General Manager, Cleveland Marriott East

It was shaping up to be a very bad day for Parker Hannifin Corp. until Keith Shopnick, general manager at Cleveland Marriott East, literally plowed through the brutal snow and cold to make it all better.

The problem was a brutal winter storm that was wreaking havoc throughout Northeast Ohio. Parker had a number of potential recruits at the Cleveland Marriott East hotel and needed to get them to the headquarters of the motion and control technology company in Mayfield Heights.

Unfortunately, the company expected to bring these people to Parker failed to show and a replacement vehicle was nowhere to be found.

That’s when Shopnick swung into action. Parker’s college recruiting manager, Mike Klein, picks up the rest of the story.

“In spite of the terrible winter storm, Keith offered the use of his personal vehicle, and he also contacted a personal friend living near the hotel that owned a large SUV,” Klein wrote in a letter to the hotel. “Between Keith’s vehicles, his friend’s SUV and the two Parker chaperone vehicles, they were able to quickly transport all of our candidates to Parker’s corporate headquarters and prevent any major delays with our recruiting event.”

It’s extra effort like that which keeps clients coming to Cleveland Marriott East over and over again. Shopnick recognizes that people have other viable options for their hotel needs when they come to the Cleveland area. But when service is provided that is above and beyond what’s expected, such as with Parker’s recruiting event, it’s a lure to think of Cleveland Marriott East first the next time they need those services. 

“Their service is what brings me back to the Cleveland Marriott East,” writes Klein in his letter. “I know I can depend on the hotel team for superior service and be confident my events will run smoothly.”

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