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ID Images was founded in 1995 as a
manufacturer of computerized packaging and online printing systems. The
Brunswick-based company began manufacturing electronic media labels in
1997, which complemented the company’s line of printing solution products.

In 1999, ID Images’ management staff,
including President Brian D. Gale, made
the strategic decision to focus on the
label side of its business.

That was the first, but not the last
time, the company focused on getting
leaner. In 2005, Gale and two other senior managers attended training in lean
manufacturing, with the goal of improving efficiency by initiating the lean techniques at ID Images.

Gale began by evaluating material
flow, reducing set-up times and implementing a cross-training project. In the
last three years, the company’s productivity as defined by labor costs as a
percentage of revenue increased byapproximately 30 percent as a result of
these projects. ID Images also grew its
revenue by about 30 percent and its
employee base by 15 percent during
this time.

From 2005 to 2008, ID Images
improved on-time delivery percentage
from approximately 95 percent to more
than 99.9 percent. In 2007, the company
shipped more than 32,000 orders —
only 10 were late.

Gale and his team have continued to
use lean techniques in their operation.
This year, the entire office staff was
trained, as well, by the same person
who ran the training for the manufacturing plant. Gale says it’s a way to continue looking for ways to improve his
customers’ experiences.

ID Images has also undertaken green
initiatives. The company is working
with Medina County to recycle all of
the packaging materials it receives,
including corrugated, plastic films and other containers.

The company currently recycles
about two tons of materials each
week. As a result of the recycling project, ID Images has reduced its waste
by nearly 30 percent. However, Gale
isn’t content with those results. He
says ID Images will continue to look
for and evaluate new ways in which
the company can reduce its waste.

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