Straight shooter

Put faith and trust in employees. If you’re going to do everybody’s job, then you don’t need everybody. There’s no way in the world that I’m either smart enough or have enough hours in the day to do everything that we need to do.

You have to get good quality people, (who are) able to trust me, and I can put my faith in them and know they’re as committed to doing the things we need to be able to do. Then have the faith that with their knowledge and training they have the ability to go out and do whatever they have to do to make it happen.

It’s nice to have people who you can go and get honest feedback … that you have people out there who are going to be honest with you, good or bad. You’ve got to take what they’re telling you as the truth and gospel if you have that kind of relationship and know that they’re only telling you what you need to hear for the organization.

Trust is a two-way street, and you better be honest with people when you’re telling them something, and you’ve got to give them the ability to tell you something if you want honest feedback. You’ve got to be able to listen to it, digest it, sometimes not like it, but be prepared to listen to it and deal with it the best you can. That honesty in the relationship is a two-way street.

Assess your strengths and weaknesses. One of the things you’ve got to do is know what you are good at and not good at, and if you’re not good at something, you better be good at going out and finding somebody who is. Make sure you understand what your strengths and weaknesses are. People tell you what your strengths and weaknesses are a lot of times. I’ve got to find the people who have those capabilities and characteristics. It’s knowing what their capabilities are, seeing whether they’ve grown within your organization or how they’ve come to you from outside the organization, making sure they understand what the goals and accomplishments you have to reach are going to be, and then getting out of the way and let them do their jobs.

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