Strong track record

John Hoffman Founder, president and CEO, Black Elk Energy LLC

When John Hoffman founded Black Elk Energy LLC, he did so with an extensive background in the field. In previous roles, the founder, president and CEO of Black Elk Energy held leadership positions at Amoco, Gulf of Suez Petroleum, BP Americas and Stone Energy before founding Black Elk Energy, an independent oil and gas company.

Hoffman has vast exploration experience and knowledge and has demonstrated a track record of increasing reserves and production while lowering costs. He understands all facets of the energy industry and uses that knowledge to the benefit of the company.

He also acknowledges the expertise and experience of his team, which he regards highly.

He understands the benefits of teamwork and the success that team efforts foster, and as Black Elk grows operationally and financially, each employee feels the positive impact of that growth.

Hoffman holds himself to the highest standards and expects his staff to meet and exceed those standards of excellence. All potential employees meet with the person who would be their direct supervisor and primary teams during the interview process and then meet with Hoffman himself.

Utilizing his team of experts, Hoffman has led the company from sunset property development to a focus on properties in areas that meet certain investment criteria, while providing significant upside without unnecessary environmental impact. Black Elk’s team of highly skilled professionals leverages their knowledge toward the success of the business.

Precision, experience and skill allow Black Elk to find unrealized and underestimated value through development drilling, recompletions in existing wells, or optimized facility management with sights on clean-burning natural gas. Under the direction of Hoffman, Black Elk is well positioned for continued growth and to double in size in 2011. The focus of the company has evolved, but it still strives to maximize the life of all wells and fields.

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