Successful leadership through the use of social media

Have you ever sat down and thought about what makes a great leader? There is so much information on leadership available to us, but many times these sources of information go too deep into the subject and fail to communicate the basic principles needed for successful and sustainable leadership.

At Charles Penzone Salons, motivating people and getting them excited about their contributions to the company’s success is vital to successful leadership.

True leadership is connecting with the people who advocate your brand so they may go out into the world and express their enthusiasm. And there is no better platform for this than social media.

Connect to your audience

Business leaders inherently know that it’s vital to invest in the next generation of guests and team members. But according to, 70 percent of executives aren’t using social media.

As a business leader, you need to keep your content relevant, fresh and interesting, or you miss out on opportunities to connect with your brand advocates.

The Charles Penzone Salons have made innovative strides in the social media realm in connecting to its audience.

Since major social media platforms have been released, we’ve given our professionals the opportunity to make professional profile pages on Facebook and Instagram, like @rosieatcharlespenzone on Instagram and Jaden at Charles Penzone on Facebook.

These branded social media accounts create connections that last well beyond the salon. We consistently use hashtags such as #charlespenzone, #penzoneperfect, #cpbride and #asseenatcp. We use social media as an extension of our business card. We join in on conversations. And ultimately, we connect.

As president, I am personally engaged on social media. Having a level of transparency as a leader humanizes you, makes you more approachable and helps empower the community you have built.

Have you ever read a Facebook post or a tweet that suddenly made you feel more connected to a particular individual? If you are a business executive and you have not taken time to learn how to effectively use social media, you’re missing out on unleashing the power of the people you serve.

Put a focus on internal connectivity

Brand yourself as a leader and provide open communication with your team members. Make communication a continuous focus for your team.

At Charles Penzone Salons, we have a private Facebook group for active team members that we use to express internal praise, company news and new ideas in order to encourage dialogue and connectivity.

As a leader, utilize existing social media tools on a regular basis, while constantly developing new communication channels. When your team members and external guests know exactly what is happening and why, they will support you through and through.

Remember that your online presence is like a first impression that lives beyond that firm handshake and smile. It provides you with the tools to engage with the world around you and shows that you can “keep up,” so that you may act as a better leader and listener.


Debra Penzone is the president of the Charles Penzone Family of Salons. Debra’s expertise as a business leader, hair professional and her avid philanthropy have earned her the respect of the salon industry and the nonprofit community.